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Metaverse Radio Podcast

Metaverse Radio for WEB3 sounds broadcasting now WMVR-db Chicago and the Metaverse. Community of interest includes, among others: independent musicians, visual artists, philosophers, futurists, science fiction aficionados, gamers, computer scientists/programmers, digital designers/coders, and persons interested in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Metaverse Radio encourages the decentralized assent of human creativity, focusing especially on quality, interoperability, and interactivity of auditory senses within both the web3 digital landscape and our physical life existence. Metaverse Radio seeks to expand exposure opportunities for independent and emerging musicians. The Metaverse Radio podcast provides more in-depth discussion / content than the regular Metaverse Radio broadcast schedule permits. About MΞT∆VΞRSΞR∆DIO™️ Headquartered in Chicago as part of the Metaversal Vision Network, Metaverse Radio provides a persistent digital audio broadcast that is highly accessible, whether by call-2-listen landline or cellular telephone, internet stream, voice chat channels, mobile software applications, smart speaker systems, smart television systems, or from within the web3 itself. Partnered with more than 20 top national and international radio broadcast aggregators, Metaverse Radio WMVR-db Chicago is a Limited Liability Company that bills itself as, “the future most accessible and ubiquitous radio broadcast in human history.” As a compliment to regular programming, the Metaverse Radio Podcast, consists of extended-duration interviews and is available through popular podcast distributors. Listen to Metaverse Radio for compelling panel discussions, live coverage of noteworthy metaversal events, and more. Additionally, efforts are ongoing by Metaverse Radio to complete network construction of its operationally connected radio stations dispersed throughout select Metaverse platforms. Metaverse Radio strongly encourages the use of Metaverse Cyber Time (MCT) (cf. www.Time.is/MCT). ​