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Changing Habits, Changing Mind by Desi Adams (Won JaIn)

Sun, 17 Oct 2021
Desi Adams (Won JaIn), a visiting practitioner from the Philadelphia Temple, shares her experience engaging in a very personal aspiration, one with which so many of us can relate, which is refraining from interrupting others when they are speaking. Changing habits is not a trivial process. Desi found wisdom in The Scripture of the Founding Master, Chapter Three: Practice, verse 30 (http://wonscripture.org/Main/SubIndex/daejong0330). She has come to know that, while not easy, changing habits is a mind activity made easier via solid practice steps carried out over a looooong time, as Desi clearly explains in this motivational talk.

Chanting with One-Pointed Mind by Brian Adams

Sat, 16 Oct 2021
Brain Adams (Won SungDeok), a visiting practitioner from the Philadelphia Temple, shares his experience with chanting in the Won Buddhist tradition. His initial apprehension melted away during a retreat when he discovered what he calls "…the sincerity of whole-hearted chanting." Brian's chanting practice really took off, however, when a Kyomunim suggested he chant from his "Dan Jeon" ("Dantian" 단전 - 丹田 or "elixir field" just below the navel). When the mind drops away, and there is a union of the body and the mind, "one-pointed mind" in chanting can arise.

Covid Compassion by Rev. WonGong

Mon, 11 Oct 2021
In a very personal reflection of her own experience dealing with the possibility of being a Covid carrier herself, Rev. WonGong expands upon this one single contemporary fear, to discriminatory thoughts in general, their genesis, and practice for resolving thoughts that smother love and compassion for others.
Compassion is innate to human beings, but obscured by "…fear, anxiety, and insecurity, to defend and protect our sense of self…" Rev. WonGong details the specific practice that melts away the "four false notions that come from distorted thinking" and helps lead us to the loveing kindness about which Master Sotaesan refers to in the scriptures (http://wonscripture.org/Main/SubIndex/daejong0802).

Judging Others? Or Defining Myself? by Lara Olson (Won LaSon)

Mon, 04 Oct 2021
Lara Olson (Won LaSon) investigates her own day-to-day experience recognizing judgmental thought so easily engaged in erroneously labeling other people. This mind may actually be reflecting the nurturer and nature of the observer in a way familiar to the person actively exercising the discriminating mind. Lara provides tips on revealing the underlying ego that informs this judgmental mind.

My Path to True Self by Rev. Shaun Song (나 자신과 마주하는 길)

Sun, 03 Oct 2021
Visiting Reverend Shaun Song (Won SiJoong), details his journey toward true nature in this vulnerable and relatable message that brings hope to all of us in our path to self understanding and enlightenment. Mentors and situations are everywhere lighting the way when we look at what this reflected light reveals.

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