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s3/e45 Analyzing Your Training Cycle with Coach Elisabeth

Thu, 07 Dec 2023

Taking objective stock of your training cycle - what did you attempt to do, what actually happened, and how did it feel - can be an incredibly useful exercise so that you can learn what worked, what didn't... and ID any mistakes that were made! Coach Elisabeth walks you through training cycle analysis in this episode that will encourage you to...

1) Objectively look at what you set out to do vs what actually happened

2) Identify patterns & learn lessons

3) Understand what is and is outside of your control

and 4) Take those lessons in your next training cycle!

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Coach Elisabeth Scott is the Founder and Head Coach at Running Explained. She is a multi-certified run coach, Boston Qualified marathoner, and seeker of both truth and compassion in helping YOU become the best runner you can be!

s3/e44 How to Get Faster on Low Run Volume Training with Kim Nedeau

Thu, 23 Nov 2023

Can you get FASTER by running LESS?? This is NOT your clickbaity "smash a marathon PR by only doing 3 runs a week"-style low volume training; coach and elite mountain runner Kim Nedeau is here to talk about how to excel as an endurance runner in a low run volume/high training volume framework.

This episode is sponsored by Previnex! Try the probiotic & other supplements that Coach Elisabeth takes daily, and save 15% using code RUNEXP on your first order from ⁠⁠⁠⁠! And from 11/24-11/26, EVERYONE can save 20% off their orders with code BF2023!

-What is "low run volume/high training volume" training?

-Who this training framework is best for

-Manipulating training intensity distribution with lower running volume and higher cross-training volume

-"But isn't more mileage always better?"

-How is this framework different from multisport, i.e. triathlon, training?

-Ways to configure a training week in this framework

-How we're seeing more competitive and elite runners excel on lower run volume with high training volume

-and more!

Kim Nedeau is a life-long athlete and owner of Training Inclined, a coaching business that serves athletes seeking alternative training methods and injury prevention. She and her husband live in the woods of western Massachusetts where they share their love for endurance sports with their two teenagers and beloved German shorthaired pointer. She ran competitively in high school, at Brown University, and as an open athlete for a few years after college before starting a family. She returned to competitive running and ran some of her best races in her late 30s. Kim found her way to mountain running and was a member of the US Mountain Running team in 2016, where she placed 9th overall, first American, and helped the team win bronze in the World Mountain Running Championships. Kim's return to running involved a diverse approach that included a moderate amount of running, biking and strength, which in total added up to high volume training. This is the approach she now uses in her work with injury-prone athletes, those who want to avoid injury and those interested in longevity in the sport. 

s3/e43 Gut Health for Runners with Kylee Van Horn, RND (@flynutrition3)

Thu, 16 Nov 2023

Is there anything worse than needing an emergency bathroom stop on a run... except for needing TWO? What about when our poor gut health interferes with our ability to absorb important micronutrients or tolerate the fuel we need to power our long runs and races? Sports dietitian Kylee Van Horn, RD (@flynutrition3) is here to talk all about gut health for runners! Including...

What IS "good gut health" in general and how can we support it?

Our gut microbiome

Can changes in our gut health signal when our training balance is appropriate vs inappropriate?

How does "nutritional training" work to help us handle more fuel & fluids?

Signs your gut health isn't great (& what to do)

And more!

Kylee Van Horn, RDN is an endurance sports dietitian, who takes a balanced, sustainable approach to fuel the every day up to the elite athlete.  Her mission is to separate facts from fads in the nutrition space and work to provide easy nutrition solutions to help improve health and performance.  Today, Kylee is the founder and owner of her sports nutrition business Flynutrition, which helps runners, triathletes, and skiers to learn not only the ‘why’ but the ‘how’ behind fueling for performance.  She also is a freelance writer for Trail Runner Magazine, Women's Running Magazine, and Outside Online. Beyond her work in sports nutrition, Kylee can be found running peaks near Aspen, CO with her three Australian shepherds and ultra-endurance husband, Sean.

s3/e42 Post Race Recovery with Coach Elisabeth

Thu, 09 Nov 2023

Post-race recovery starts AS SOON AS YOU CROSS THE FINISH LINE! What do you need to do to set yourself up for post-race recovery success?

This episode is sponsored by Previnex! Try the probiotic that Coach Elisabeth takes daily for her own gut health, and save 15% using code RUNEXP on your first order from!

-The very first things to focus on after crossing the finish line

-Refueling and hydrating in the hours after your race

-Muscle glycogen depletion and resynthesis

-WHY racing is so stressful on your body

-How much time do you really need to take off after a race?

-Why does it feel like I've lost SO much fitness??

-And more!

Coach Elisabeth is the founder and head coach at Running Explained. She is a multi-certified run coach, has been featured in the New York Times, and works with runners around the globe to help them understand the science behind endurance running in order to become the best runners they can be!

s3/e41 Off-Seasons: How Taking Time Off Will Make You Better with Coach Toni Kengor

Thu, 02 Nov 2023

How can taking time OFF make you a better, faster, more resilient runner? Coach Toni Kengor, co-founder of Relentless Runners, joins the show to talk ALL THINGS OFF-SEASON!

-Why you need them

-WHEN to take them

-What an off-season is (& is not)

-How to handle feelings of anxiety around "running less"

-The basics of training adaptation and supercompensation

-How to be a runner AND a _______

-"But what if I take a week off and then just never run again?"

-And more!

Toni Kengor is a coach and co-founder of Relentless Runners. She believes that we’re all capable of more than we realize in running and in life. Follow her on Instagram @tonikengor and @relentlessrunners

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