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s3/e35 Mastering A Faster 5k with Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running

Thu, 21 Sep 2023

Many distance runners look at the 5k as no big deal; "it's only 3.1 miles!", you say! Well, Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running is here to explain why running a fast 5k is one of the hardest skills you can master as a runner... AND how to do it!

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Why is the 5k a race that requires such skill on behalf of the runner?

Learning how to pace yourself like a pro

The biggest mistakes in racing a 5k

What training should look like & why you still need that long run

Strategy for a truly great 5k

How to put together a "season" of 5k races

Why mastering a faster 5k will make you a BETTER RUNNER overall


Jason Fitzgerald is the creator and founder of ⁠Strength Running⁠. As a USA Track & Field certified coach, he’s helped thousands of runners race faster, get stronger, and prevent injuries since 2010. Jason has been running competitively since 1998 and during that time he’s run a 2:39 marathon, beat almost 17,000 other runners to win a Warrior Dash obstacle race, and won many other 5ks, half marathons, and marathons.

Jason is the host of the Strength Running podcast and is a member of the Greatist Expert Network, and his book Running for Health & Happiness debuted as an Amazon bestseller. Jason was the 2017 Men’s Running Influencer of the Year and his coaching advice has been featured in most major media publications like Runner’s World, Competitor, Forbes, Lifehacker, Health Magazine, Business Insider, Fitness and many more.

s3/e34 Improving as a Marathoner Over Time with Coach Jessie Gruca

Thu, 14 Sep 2023

Running Explained Coach and 25x marathoner Jessie Gruca joins the show to talk about MARATHON TRAINING! Hear from Coach Jessie on the evolution on her marathon knowledge, what's been the most impactful changes for her (especially as a post-partum runner), and how she approaches coaching her own marathoners!

-The biggest marathon training mistakes most runners make

-Should we try to PR every single time we run a marathon?

-The importance of fueling and hydration

-Novice marathoners vs gain experience in the marathon

-Marathon effort vs marathon pace

-Why it's a problem if you're hammering your marathon pace workouts in the hopes of impressing your coach or forcing your goal pace

-Key marathon workouts for more experienced runners

-How to pace your marathon properly

-Building mental toughness in training

-and more!

s3/e33 Foundations of Triathlon Nutrition with Natalie Robertello, MS, RD, CSSD, CDN

Thu, 07 Sep 2023

Our miniseries on triathlon continues with Sports Dietitian Natalie Robertello, MS, RD, CSSD, CDN of BeFueled Sports Nutrition to educate us on the FOUNDATIONS of fueling for multisport events, i.e. triathlon!

The basics of multisport fueling

How do your daily nutrition needs change as training volume increases?

Understanding your hydration needs

Planning your multisport nutrition plan

Sport fuel vs. "whole" food fueling

Liquid carbs: how and when?

60-90 g/hr vs 90+ g/hr in training and racing

Having a plan vs EXECUTING the plan!

Being a data-driven athlete: the role of continuous glucose monitors for performance

and more!

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Natalie Robertello is the Owner & Head Dietitian at BeFueled Sports Nutrition. Nourish your body with the foods you enjoy. No matter what your sports performance goal, focusing on what you can ADD IN is what will benefit you. I help you make the connection between what foods will help to support your training and what foods you enjoy to help you to feel and perform your best.

s3/e32 Quarterly Runner's Q&A With Coach Elisabeth

Thu, 31 Aug 2023
Let's answer some questions! In this episode, Coach Elisabeth answers 4 running related questions:

What’s the deal with these menthol gels? Are they going to
help me in the heat?
The recommendations for running (or not running) when you’re
sick and how to deal with the “back to school” season of constant sickness
Dealing with severe race anxiety
Can men get RED-S/have Low Energy Availability too?

PMID: 33248439
PMID: 36458132
PMID: 37571316
PMID: 37052052

s3/e31 Toxic Fitness Culture in Endurance Running with Coach Amanda Katz (@amanda_katzz)

Thu, 24 Aug 2023

What is toxic fitness culture? It's attitudes and beliefs in the "fitness" space (yes, including running) that promote unrealistic and unhealthy approaches towards exercise and fitness, and unfortunately, sometimes these things show up in the endurance running space as well. Running Explained Coach and Personal Trainer Amanda Katz joins the show to talk ALL about it!

-Toxic fitness culture in the wild

-Toxic fitness culture in endurance running

-Is more always better?

-Learning how to navigate the WHY behind certain behaviors

-Being "disciplined" vs. "disordered"

-Anxiety, guilt, and shame around not working "hard enough"

-Are your goals really YOUR goals?

-Evaluating where you get your info from

-and more!

Amanda Katz is a full-time fitness professional. She's a certified personal trainer, RRCA certified run coach — joining the Running Explained coaching team last year — and serves as a group fitness instructor specializing in indoor cycling, treadmill running and total body conditioning formats at Equinox in New York City. Her philosophy is based on the notion that all bodies deserve a fitness experience without punishment, guilt or shame. She approaches her craft with humor, real talk and ultimately, wants her clients feeling stronger and more capable in their bodies through movement. To learn more, visit Amanda on instagram at @amanda_katzz or via website

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