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Yoga, Personal Growth, & Relationships - Lara Heimann - 371

Wed, 01 Dec 2021

Could a yoga practice benefit your closest relationships? In this week’s episode, Ellen and I do a joint interview with Lara Heimann, physical therapist and creator of the unique LYT Yoga® method. Listen to the episode to hear Lara’s take on where yoga fits into your personal growth, mental and spiritual health, and your relationships.

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The Problem with Masculine/Feminine Frames About Relationships - Jayson & Ellen - 370

Thu, 25 Nov 2021

Society teaches us that certain traits should go with certain genders, and we have traditionally been programmed to accept those—but in reality, they aren’t always accurate. Not to mention one person’s idea of a trait that’s traditionally masculine or feminine won’t be the same as another’s. So how do we reframe the way we think about masculine/feminine traits and roles in relationships, regardless of gender identity or relationship preference? Check out this week’s episode to find out what Ellen and I have to say.


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Reflections on Relationships & COVID From Two Relationship Elders - Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen Hunt - 369

Wed, 17 Nov 2021

You gotta admire those older couples who have been married for a billion years and still seem blissfully happy. It seems pretty amazing and inspiring. But if you ask them, they’ll surely tell you they’ve had their issues—maybe even some significant ones.

In this week’s episode, I talk to Harville and Helen, who have been married for quite a while, but they almost got divorced. They’ve been teaching couples how to do relationships for many years—and learning a ton as they go.

Listen to the episode to hear the valuable ground they cover and how they reversed their decision to divorce.


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Differentiation in Relationships - Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. - 367

Wed, 03 Nov 2021

Can you be your authentic self in a relationship and allow your partner to do the same—while accepting the differences? This concept is called differentiation, and it’s very important in relationships because it affects a lot of relational elements. For this week’s podcast, I welcome back Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. to discuss these concepts and share her wisdom gathered over years of working with couples. Listen to the episode... I think it’ll resonate with you. 


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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Conflict? - Jayson And Ellen - 366

Wed, 27 Oct 2021

Conflict is almost always a growth opportunity, and you’re going to experience it in every relationship. But is it possible to have too much conflict in your relationship? If so, how do you know you’ve reached that point—and what can you do about it? Check out this week’s episode, where Ellen and I give our perspectives on the subject.

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