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SIP 096: Finding Motivation after a Summer burn

Sat, 23 Sep 2023

With all of summers
insane madness Are you ready to push through into fall and winter programming?
That's right with all the rush, activity, intensity, and pure energy that comes
with the summer months where do you find the motivation to continue working on
aquatic programming and hiring.?


We're gonna take a
look at how to set realistic and specific goals for yourself.


Celebrate your
achievements and reward yourself by for hitting specific milestones that you
may have set in the spring


Seek feedback and
support from staff that may have left already, are still in high school and
remaining in town, or veterans that have made a career with you. Seek also your
peers and surrounding areas and find out how things went with them. Debrief
with your team and any other members of the aquatic community that use your


Set goals for trying
new things and to improve your own experience like new courses, new training,
or new opportunities.


Take vacations!


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SIP 095: Repeatable Parent Tot Lesson Plan

Mon, 18 Sep 2023

Why we have a single sheet for repeating parent tot classes.

What we used to do:

- Follow the lesson plans based on day.

- Challenges

○ People missed classes

○ Parents have VERY drastically different abilities, interest, and involvement.

○ New instructors not as familiar.

- Have to find which day, which lesson

○ Different ability levels and ages in the classes; why are we resetting for advanced people for the new?

What we did:

- Used the same lesson plan online using a TV on the deck

- Safety and state certification removed the TV from the deck

What we're going to do

○ Projector inside against a large white wall

○ Bluetooth music on QR code on the lesson plan

Why the repeatable lesson plan works:

- Establishes habit

- Each activity is narrow and very deep; lots of opportunity to do it in different ways from beginner to master.

- Songs still involved

- Additional skills.


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SIP 094: Lesson Plans & Swim Instructor Struggles

Sun, 10 Sep 2023

We review the swim lessons plans found at www.swimminglessonsideas.com and see how our swim instructors use them including their success and struggles.


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SIP 093: Three weeks with COVID-19 group swimming lessons

Sun, 25 Oct 2020

What has it been like? What is our procedure?

How do we teach?


Getting swimmers moving.

Handling difficult swimmers.

Coaching and commands.

Resilience of children and adaptability.

Tools: Lesson plans and TV for website lessons.


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SIP 092: Are you comfortable teaching?

Mon, 05 Oct 2020

What should you do if you are comfortable? What should you do it if you're not comfortable?

Covid-19 and the coronavirus pandemic is real. We just saw this week that the president got infected and foolishly hosted events without face coverings that subsequently infected many other people at a White house event. I know. This is insane. Right?

If the white house can't stay safe, how can we expect to remain safe while teaching swimming lessons?

We live in a world that requires us to go to work. Aquatic professionals need to bring in revenue. We need to have people taking lessons, using the pool, and participating in our programs.

How can we make ourselves feel safer?

  1. Set up a system.

  2. Wear face coverings the entire time you're coaching or teaching.

  3. Space participants apart with a good distance.

  4. Have regular airflow across the pool surface and expel it.

  5. Limit your exposure.

  6. Ask your staff what they're comfortable with.

  7. Screen your participants.

  8. Require parent involvement.

  9. Kick people out that don't follow your rules; be unapologetic about your own safety.


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