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'I just want a normal life': How do we end rough sleeping?

Mon, 25 Sep 2023
Ian Harrison is 33 and has spent his adult life on the streets. He's among more than an estimated 270,000 homeless people in England.

Sky News has been following Ian's journey as a government promise - to end rough sleeping by next year - looks in serious doubt.

It was a target set by the Conservatives in their 2019 election manifesto - but a report by the Kerslake Commission is warning it will be missed, blaming "chronic and unresolved" issues in the housing system as it reports a 26% rise in rough sleeping compared with last year.

The commission was set up in 2021 to learn lessons from the response to homelessness during the COVID pandemic - the same year, an estimated 741 homeless people died in England and Wales. Most were men and drugs, alcohol and suicide were the likely related causes.

On the Sky News Daily, Sally Lockwood speaks to our producer Sarah O'Connell, who first met Ian when he was a teenager, to find out about the challenges he has faced over the years.

Plus, Sally is joined by Emma Haddad, chief executive of the homelessness charity St Mungo's - the secretariat of the Kerslake Commission, as they discuss the wider problems and what they think is needed to end rough sleeping.

Podcast producers: Soila Apparicio and Alex Edden
Senior podcast producer: Annie Joyce
Podcast promotion producer: David Chipakupaku
Editor: Wendy Parker

What’s the future for kids’ TV?

Fri, 22 Sep 2023
It seems everything is moving online these days, so it’s perhaps no surprise that kids TV is too. CITV, ITV’s children’s channel, is no longer; it’s moving to the company’s streaming service, ITVx. Its BBC equivalent, CBBC, is expected to also be online-only in the next few years. Many children now, though, just go to YouTube to watch their shows.

But with an ongoing decrease in funding for kids’ TV and the move to the less regulated streaming platforms there are concerns about the impact the quality of programmes and online safety.

On the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson explores the issue with former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq, and Jon Hancock, who’s company Three Arrows Media makes shows for Sky Kids and BBC Childrens.

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And, if you're a parent, you can find Sky's ad-free, 24-hour Sky Kids channel on Sky Q, Stream, Glass, and NOW.

Podcast producer: David Chipakupaku
Interviews producer: Melissa Tutesigensi
Senior podcast producer: Annie Joyce
Editor: Wendy Parker

Beyond the pomp: What is the true state of UK relations with France? 

Thu, 21 Sep 2023
The King and Queen are on a state visit to France this week, which includes stops in Paris and Bordeaux.

The three-day trip would have been Charles’ first royal visit abroad as King back in March – but it was delayed due to the violent protests taking place over President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms.

On the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson is joined by François-Joseph Schichan, former French diplomat and political adviser to the French ambassador in the UK, to explore how our closest ally views both the King and the UK’s current politics.

Plus, former Labour foreign secretary Dame Margaret Beckett takes us through her assessment of the current strength of Anglo-French relations.

Producer: Soila Apparicio
Senior Producer: Annie Joyce
Interview Producer: Melissa Tutesigensi
Promotion Producer: David Chipakupaku
Editor: Wendy Parker

Sunak’s new Net Zero policy: Are the Tories turning a lighter shade of green?

Wed, 20 Sep 2023
The reaction - to a move by Rishi Sunak to delay the government’s green policies – has been mixed to say the least, with opposition parties slamming the prime minister’s leadership as “weak” and the decision “damaging” for the climate.

As net zero sceptics cheered there was criticism from some in the car industry and the more environmentally minded Conservative politicians.

On the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson is joined by our science correspondent Thomas Moore and Politico’s UK editor Jack Blanchard for their analysis and a deeper look at what it all means politically, as well as for voters, industry and climate change.

Senior podcast producer: Annie Joyce
Podcast promotion producer: David Chipakupaku
Editor: Wendy Parker

Crypto casinos: the new 'Wild West' hooking gamblers

Tue, 19 Sep 2023
Sky News has uncovered how online streamers may be breaking UK gambling laws by promoting crypto casinos - and there are questions over whether the casinos are doing enough to monitor this.

Crypto casinos are similar to 'normal' online casinos, offering virtual versions of popular games like slot machines. The difference is they use digital currencies: players convert pounds, euros and dollars into virtual cash such as Bitcoin to gamble with.

This type of casino is illegal in the UK, with the Gambling Commission taking a hardline stance against any operator that accepts cryptocurrency as a direct method of payment.

On the Sky News Daily, Sally Lockwood explores crypto casinos with our investigative reporter Sanya Burgess, and what harms they could cause.

Podcast producer: Soila Apparicio
Promotions producer: David Chipakupaku
Editor: Wendy Parker

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