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Episode 437: Slam Away

Mon, 18 Oct 2021
The Red Sox hit a couple of grand slams and cruised to a Game 2 win in the ALCS in Houston. Back to Boston we go with the series all tied up 1-1. Today we talk who deserves the most credit for that win, if fans and players could hate Carlos Correa any more than they already do, Luis Garcia faking an injury in Game 2, if the Sox should have pulled Eovaldi earlier to save his arm, Cora managing to win today and worry about tomorrow when we get there, more poor umping in Game 1, how Raffy continues to deal with pain while hitting bombs, the total dominance of Kiké Hernandez and if we expect it to continue, how it's easier to watch Mookie succeed now with the Sox also in the final four, us all wanting to be Jose Iglesias right now, waiting for a big hit from Hunter Renfroe, if we can expect anything significant from Chris Sale the rest of the way, a lookahead to these next three games in Boston and much more. Enjoy!

Episode 436: ALCS Bound

Thu, 14 Oct 2021
The Red Sox took down the heavily favored Tampa Bay Rays and are ready to take on the Astros in the ALCS...again. LET'S GO! Today we talk how much the Rays eating popcorn in the dugout and prematurely ordering champagne to Boston pissed off the Sox, why Tampa needs to stop acting like they've ever won anything, the power of the #RallyCups, Jared's lucky new jacket, us being fully behind the new Red Sox theme song, if John Henry knows about the podcast, John Smoltz having an interesting series in the booth, getting the good Eddie in that ALDS clincher, Shane McClanahan disrespecting a chair, the Klark's Ketchup ALDS MVP, Lance McCullers potentially missing the ALCS and how that changes the whole series, a full breakdown of these first two games coming up in Houston and much more. Enjoy!

Episode 435: Walk-Off Moonman

Mon, 11 Oct 2021
The Red Sox won an absolutely WILD ALDS Game 3 thanks to a walk-off blast by "The Moonman" Christian Vazquez. What a night! Today we talk everything that went down leading up to that homer, how Nick Pivetta deserves endless credit for his miraculous performance out of the bullpen once again, a quick recap of Game 1 and 2 to set the scene for more Game 3 talk, how the JD shot didn't end the game, the madness of that double that bounced off Renfroe and into the bullpen, how hilarious that Schwarber moment was when he completed an underhand toss to Eovaldi at first, Robles being due for an outing like that, Whitlock acing his first real postseason test, if Vazquez knows about the Rally Cups after tossing Steve a ball, Jared's new jacket having some luck in it, when we expect to see Sale next, Kiké making more history, predictions for Monday's Game 4 and much more. Enjoy!

Episode 434: Balloons Popped

Thu, 07 Oct 2021
The Red Sox just ended the Yankees year, again. The Balloons are dead. ENJOY THE OFFSEASON! Today we talk how accurate our bold predictions were for this do-or-die Wild Card game, Yankee fans being left speechless after their team once again did not make the World Series or even come close, Cora being miles better than Aaron Boone, how the Yankees don't scare anyone anymore and haven't for a long time, the idiocy of Aaron Judge bringing a boom box back to Fenway, how much motivation the Sox got by knowing the Yankees chose to face them over other teams in a potential tiebreaker scenario, a full breakdown of that perfect relay play by Kiké and Bogie to gun down Judge at the plate, if Eovaldi got pulled too fast, Gerrit Cole completely folding in another big moment, the laughable radio and TV calls of that Giancarlo Stanton single, a recap of the Barstool Sportsbook livestream of the game, Xander coming up big when they need him most, Steve's #RallyCups efforts at Fenway Park paying off, Verdugo's huge 2-RBI hit summing him up perfectly, a legit debate on who deserves the Klark's Ketchup MVP for this game, a series lookahead to this big ALDS matchup with the Rays and much more! Enjoy and Daaaaaaaaaaa Jankees Lose!

Episode 433: Postseason Rivalry Renewed

Mon, 04 Oct 2021
The Red Sox have clinched a postseason spot and will host the Yankees in a Wild Card game on Tuesday at Fenway Park. Can you believe it!? Today we talk how we kinda called this months ago, the stress of everything that went down during Sunday's game, if we're surprised the Blue Jays season is over, the unusual situation of pausing the game for farewell ovations to Nats players while the Sox were mounting a critical comeback, how insane it was that Juan Soto had zero hits the entire series, how much credit Ryan Brasier deserves for the Sox being in this position, some very questionable umpire calls this weekend, how well Alex Cora managed specifically this series with the NL rules in effect, reaction to JD hurting himself tripping over 2nd base while heading to the outfield, having no trust in Ottavino at this point, the importance of #RallyCups this weekend, if we have any issue with champagne celebrations for just getting into the Wild Card game, the Sox needing to put up more runs in the first half of games, a big lookahead to this do or die game coming up against the Yankees and much more. GO SOX!

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