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January 2023 Mailbag: So Far, So Good

Wed, 25 Jan 2023

The market is up in 2023! Of course less than a month in, that's not very meaningful. But still, we can embrace some optimism for the year. More importantly, we can remember that what really matters are the decades ahead.

  • (8:55) Spelling out some gift ideas
  • (15:05) Pros and cons of smart hydration
  • (20:27) Dollar-cost averaging in a bear market
  • (34:34) XPEL experience
  • (46:10) Stock graphs: YTD vs All view
  • (50:48) Poem: Make it Last
  • (55:23) 5 Stocks that Spark Joy sailing to Foolhalla

Stocks Mentioned: AMZN, AAPL DIS, ETSY, XPEL, TSLA

Host: David Gardner
Guest: Auri Hughes
Producer: Rick Engdahl

Reviewapalooza!: Random Joy

Wed, 18 Jan 2023

Time to check the scoreboard again on two of our 5-stock samplers. It's been a rough market this last year, but we're in it for longer than that, Fool! Some stocks that seem to have been crushed recently look a lot better if you just step back a few years. Some of them.

  • (13:07) 5 Stocks Rolled Up at Random
  • (30:54) 5 Stocks that Spark Joy


Host: David Gardner
Guests: Sanmeet Deo, Asit Sharma
Producer: Rick Engdahl

Stock Stories, Vol. 7: The Oral Tradition

Wed, 11 Jan 2023

Sit back and take a load off, let me tell you a story. Better yet, let's have some friends around to tell five stories. Stock stories. Full of ups and downs, lessons from history, hopes for the future... it's all there for the learning!

  • (5:45) You Dropped Out of Harvard For THIS? 
  • (13:58) Discover My Biggest Winning Stock!
  • (22:15) Better Late Than Never
  • (34:00) Changing the World Is Hard
  • (45:50) Listen to, and Learn from, The Market Cap Game Show

Stocks Mentioned: CPNG, XPEL, MSFT, RDFN, SAM
Host: David Gardner
Guests: Rick Munarriz, Auri Hughes, Alyce Lomax, Jim Mueller
Producer: Rick Engdahl

Old, New, Borrowed & Blue, Vol. 6

Wed, 04 Jan 2023

We're kicking off 2023 looking back, looking forward, looking outward, and looking past the same old blues. It's a new year, Fools — let's make it ever better!

  • (3:18) Old: Tesla beats Ford
  • (12:32) New: Cool stuff
  • (23:29) Borrowed: Completing Capitalism
  • (29:38) Blue: Reaching past peak polarization

Stocks mentioned: TSLA, F, DUO

Host: David Gardner
Producer: Rick Engdahl

December Mailbag: The End of it All

Wed, 28 Dec 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, we answer a few burning questions from the mailbag: How do you play competitive games with kids? Can a handful of apps work together to build your second brain? Will Artificial Intelligence replace Shakespeare and upend the music industry? Has it already happened? Foolish minds want to know!

Host: David Gardner
Producer: Rick Engdahl

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