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Episode 23 | “Thou Shall Not Ghost” (feat. Bible Brianda)

Fri, 03 Dec 2021

Rory and Mal sit down with Brianda from ‘Bible Stories w/Brianda’, and discuss her journey as a born again celibate Christian, her research on Mal & Rory (and our engineer, Eddin), as well as her current dating life and biblical interpretations.

Episode 22 | "Is That Racist?"

Tue, 30 Nov 2021

The boys are back, after a brief Thanksgiving break, and nothing has happened so insert the random shit! They start off getting into defining racism (don't cancel us, please) and discussing how this era of "racy" dress is worse than the Freaknik era. They get into a Thanksgiving recap, which somehow segues into a conversation about the double standards regarding sneaking photos of the opposite sex, and Mal asks the team to explain why a man would twiddle his fiddle while his significant other was in the house. They get into what demographics of men are the craziest exes (more stereotype jokes, again, don't cancel us), which leads to a discussion  about the appropriate house aesthetics to get women excited. In this episode, we also discuss how Rory had a bounty on his nudes, men's Mental Health month, the upcoming trials for Tory & Taxstone, as well as the unfortunate news of Virgil's passing.

Episode 21 | “OPPumentary”

Tue, 23 Nov 2021

You guys like when we deep dive into absolute nonsense right? … perfect!

Rory & Mal start with discussing thank you tracks/interludes in hip-hop, eventually ending up in a conversation about their respective weekends, where they both attended the Teyana Taylor ‘Last Rose Petal’ farewell tour… but on separate nights. NYC was lit this weekend between the tour and the Soul Train Awards being filmed at the Apollo, so of course the guys discuss this, as well as the AMA’s. We’re going into Thanksgiving, and the guys discuss plans, and family, and how Lebron’s dad is probably regretting walking out on him. Mal wants to find out who is really getting it out of the ‘’mud” … as well as where all the imaginary haters and opps are. Rory got ran down on at the Donda show, and Mal gives him an apology. Baisley’s Only Fans, street harassment, and more get brought up.

Episode 20 | "Adult Love Affair"

Fri, 19 Nov 2021

Back in New York, Rory & Mal settle back into their home studio, and rehash their Los Angeles experiences. They of course have to give their opinions on Drake and Kanye rekindling their bromance, and then get into Tidal changing their royalties and payment structure, which gives fans more ability to directly support their favorite artists. Rory and Mal also discuss the upcoming battles of Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills, as well as Three Six Mafia vs Bone Thugs, and then venture into a conversation about adult baecations. They address Adele's upcoming album, review Silk Sonic's release, and much more!

Episode 19 | The Black Album (feat. Young Guru & Hip Hop)

Tue, 16 Nov 2021

Rory & Mal sit down with Hip Hop & Young Guru to celebrate and reflect on the 18th birthday of the Black Album recently passing. The guys run through it song by song, discussing the stories and inspiration behind the iconic album.

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