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Episode 171 | Is Rory Using His Kid For The Album Rollout?

Fri, 26 May 2023

Well the day has finally come…and no we’re not talking about Rory’s album (yet). Today we can congratulate Rory on the sex. Our guy is a father to a beautiful baby daughter. The bare minimum team continues to grow. Somehow we bring Spreadie Gibbs into this conversation. Rory shares his new perspective on life and how being a girl dad has changed him. We all reflect on moments from our childhood. From celebrating new life to birthing an album. Everyone go stream/download Rory’s debut album ‘I Thought It’d Be Different’. Rory can freely speak with us in the last press run conversation he’ll have in the coming weeks. Rory shares his perspective on creating the album and even invites an album critic on to the pod. We end today with another great slate of voicemails. Today’s theme is relationship advice. Tune in as the guys discuss all of the above, as well as offer some of the realest advice to today’s three lucky callers!

Episode 170 | Rory Got PUNCHED In The Face!

Tue, 23 May 2023


We previously recorded this week's episodes so we could all celebrate Rory's album in LA. That being said, this episode doesn't mention his daughter. We did however talk about Fatherhood Rory on this week's Patreon (available now) This Friday is when we'll discuss Rory's daughter and his album! 

Today we start with a classic controversial Mal  take which leads to us discussing generational differences and how our childhoods are drastically different from the kids today. Should we bring back bullying? We age out of grade school and share stories from middle and high school. Mal reflects on a guy with a nub leg that ended up being a legend. Meanwhile, Rory, aka Snow Cone, shares a gang story. Then Rory and Julian offer some insight on Greek Life. Is puberty only respected from the women’s side? The guys discuss how difficult it is to be bricked up all day with no out. Should men be allowed to become a gynecologist? This question splits the room and causes a heated debate to close out the episode. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as TI's character in ATL, parents on Only Fans, + more!

Episode 169 | Will Charlamagne Pay His D*ck Debt?

Fri, 19 May 2023

Gotta start off with letting you know that the opening track is "My Phone Can Die" ft. Ari Lennox & James Fauntleroy, the latest single out of Rory's album that officially drops next week! This episode the crew talks about Jay-Z wanting to open a whole casino in the middle of Times Sq, and why Rick Ross doesn't care about permits for his future car show. Then we get into Charlamagne finally paying his d*ck debt after Adidas and Kanye start business back together. Meanwhile, J Prince meets up with NBA Young Boy while also giving him a fair warning about Drake. Timbaland is making a new program that features and highlights the use of A.I bringing back the voices of your favorite artists that have passed. As always we go through your voicemails & Mal goes through Ray Allen's starting five and unpacks the fact that he set Lebron as his sixth man. We also got a NEW SHOW on Patreon called "RAM RADIO", so don't forget to check that out over at


Episode 168 | Ja Morant Doesn't Want A Second Chance

Tue, 16 May 2023

We hope all of our mom listeners had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Now let's get to what happens when your kid doesn’t listen. Ja Morant is doing his best to ruin his career. We react to his second suspension. Meanwhile, Lil Durk is doing his best to escape a lifestyle that Ja seems to be running towards. J Cole has a line that sparks a conversation about rappers that passed. We then discuss the difficulty of bringing people up with you. Speaking of uplifting people, Lil Wayne left a show because of how people were treating his new artists. In good news, Jamie Foxx is in good health despite what many outlets were publishing. We’re back with our second installment of voicemails and these are some good ones. Tune in to hear our advice, as well as discussions on the Knicks season, our Finals predictions, Brittney Griner’s return, + more!

Episode 167 | We Create The Simulation

Fri, 12 May 2023

Happy Friday…now give us our flowers. Recently we’ve been predicting a lot in the culture and to no surprise the streak continues. Mal was right about Kanye and Adidas coming together, while Julian predicted Tucker Carlson’s next career move. Meanwhile, Tory Lanez was denied a new trial. Staying in music (kind of) does Jay Z have an unclaimed son? Speaking of sons, Robert De Niro at the young age of 79 is having another child…this leads to a wild one-liner from Demaris. We react to Doja Cat’s recent tweets and give props to the Knicks for fighting for another game. Stay till the end as we introduce our new VOICEMAIL segment. If you’d like to have your question answered on air and hear your voice on the pod please subscribe to Patreon!

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