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Ana Rosa, MD, PhD on The Hidden Fat That’s Killing You

Wed, 22 Nov 2023

Ana Rosa, MD, PhD is a physician, Radiologist, Body fellowship trained, alumni of the University of Minnesota, medical doctor at the VA healthcare system, and assistant professor at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Rosa has done two radiology residencies, one in Brazil, and one in the United States, obtained a doctorate degree, had done a body imaging fellowship, and also has published in medical journals and helped writing Imaging books in Brazil with 25 years of practice in the Imaging field as a Radiologist.

Dr. Rosa shares with us her imaging knowledge of visceral fat, the importance of its detection and description in the reports, guiding the patients and the ordering providers by the findings on cross-section imaging such as MRI scans. 

The podcast intention is to bring awareness on how to detect a simple and easy biomarker such as visceral fat on MRI scans making it easier for patients to advocate for health and follow up for results.

Dr. Rosa shares with us how to create quality of care in service for education and interaction between patients, providers and Radiologists in sharing her own story on how to heal from inside out by literally “seeing” a “silent” metabolic active killer that visceral fat represents and taking action to change the presence status quo And move towards optimizing health.




  • (06:37) In medical school, healthcare professionals are trained to describe diseases while overlooking how visceral fat and metabolic health contributes to them.

  • (15:52) Visceral fat is a major culprit when it comes to various metabolic issues.

  • (28:04) The first step to prevent disease is to look for signs of inflammation.

  • (31:17) While it’s possible to request your MRI scan from your doctor, most providers won’t know how to make use of it.

  • (44:02) Health is not limited to staying alive. Health is also appearance and performance.

  • (53:58) For doctors, another benefit of learning to deal with patients carrying high amounts of visceral fat is potentially minimizing burnout.

Part 208 - Mary Ruddick Debunks the Blue Zones and Explains Worldwide Health Decline

Wed, 01 Nov 2023

Mary Ruddick is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist currently based in Europe and Africa.  She has personally trained professional nutritionists around the globe. Dubbed the "Sherlock Holmes of Health" for her unique ability to expeditiously assess and remediate rare neuromuscular conditions that others have deemed impossible, Mary Ruddick is a seasoned researcher, educator, medical nutritionist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Her writing has been published in medical journals and her own inspirational healing story can be found in several publications.





  • (10:38) The Maasai people who live the most traditional lifestyles are living what us moderns would consider a “utopia”.

  • (22:32) The mental health crisis came as a result of being unhealthy in general.

  • (28:12) When you eat organ meat, you take in a lot of serine.

  • (34:34) Another practice within these indigenous cultures is that there is no trading of food, meaning everything eaten is native. Their food is also traditionally processed.

  • (45:25) You don’t need to completely remove plants from your diet, but gravitate towards those that you enjoy eating and have been properly prepared to minimize toxicity.

  • (53:12) When optimizing your nutrition, don’t focus on achieving balance. Focus on avoiding deficiencies.

  • (1:08:42) There are different levels of nutritional knowledge.

  • (1:21:17) The concept of “Blue Zones” as presented in the mainstream is largely misrepresented.



Part 207 - Veronica Max, APRN, FNP on Your Complete Health Makeover

Wed, 25 Oct 2023

Veronica Max is a nurse practitioner and the CEO of UltraPersonal Healthcare. Bringing more than eleven years of family and functional medicine experience to the table, Veronica founded UltraPersonal Healthcare with the aim of creating a quality of care, service and experience that she found missing in the modern healthcare system.

Just tell her Brian sent you!


  • (12:24) Find a healthcare practitioner that focuses on preventing disease rather than treating disease.

  • (16:14) Terrain theory takes into account the human body and the health of the organism.

  • (23:31) Exposure to the sun and the elements is vital to a healthy body with normal levels of sex and thyroid hormone.

  • (36:40) A healthy diet involves meat, fish, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  • (41:44) There’s ancient wisdom in the fact that all the major religions incorporate fasting.

  • (47:21) Hashimoto’s is autoimmune hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

  • (55:57) Calorie restriction is a form of stress.

  • (1:02:02) Movement is important. But if you overlook food and light, you won’t meet your goals.

  • (1:08:30) It’s no coincidence that the thyroid is in the throat.

  • (1:11:29) There’s no right or wrong place for a woman to have her baby. It’s important to know your options.

  • (1:14:32) When it comes to your child’s immunization schedule, it’s important to educate yourself and to listen to your intuition as a parent.



Part 206 - Chris Kruger on How to Lose Fat the Easy Way

Thu, 19 Oct 2023

Chris Kruger is a fitness coach and a promoter of the high-testosterone lifestyle. At 40 years old, he has already dedicated two full decades to assisting men worldwide in achieving their peak potential – in appearance, well-being, and overall performance – all without the need for pills, powders, prescriptions, or PEDs/TRT.

Just DM him you want to do the SAPIEN program




  • (06:19) Natural hormone optimization applies to men just as much as it applies to women.

  • (07:20) A calorie deficit for weight loss purposes is only effective in the short-term.

  • (16:15) Instead of restricting yourself nutritionally while trying to improve or maintain performance, go for naturally optimizing your hormones.

  • (26:55) Don’t think “energy balance”. Think “energy metabolism”.

  • (37:28) True health or fitness is about living like a human should to the fullest.

  • (53:04) Testosterone can be produced from saturated fat.

  • (1:01:52) Your health and fitness is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

  • (1:22:46) Outside of sleep, the biggest lever you can pull is getting enough protein.



Part 205 - Dave Feldman on The Amazing Study of Fit People w/ High LDL Cholesterol

Wed, 04 Oct 2023

Dave Feldman is an independent researcher and software engineer who has gained notoriety for his work on cholesterol and lipid metabolism, particularly in the context of low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets. Coming from a background in software engineering, Feldman took a systems engineering approach to understanding cholesterol, creating what he calls the "lipid energy model." He has presented his findings at various medical conferences and is a frequent guest on health and wellness podcasts. Although not a credentialed medical professional, Feldman's citizen science has challenged traditional views on cholesterol, encouraging more nuanced discussions around its role in health. His work has captivated a large following of both laypeople and experts interested in the complexities of lipidology.


  • (4:18) A study on the Lipid Energy Model (LEM) ( may explain why cholesterol increases in those who decide to consume fat for energy over carbs.

  • (12:46) The status of your metabolic health influences how a particular diet affects your health, no matter the diet.

  • (20:42) HDL at 50 or higher and triglycerides at 100 or lower are good benchmarks to strive for.

  • (36:19) Multiple studies demonstrate that, if you take 100 random people in the same demographic with 0 risk factors, 60 male and 40 female, a little more than half of them would have 0 CAC.

  • (44:07) Dave’s ongoing companion study (follow updates at running parallel to the main study features a control group with more relaxed criteria.

  • (52:03) If we had more data on healthy populations, a clearer path towards a healthy way of life will be achieved

  • (59:40) Visit ( which is both a blood testing service and a hub to participate in citizen science.



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