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Commanders WR Terry McLaurin, Patrick Reed’s Lawsuit, The Big Ten On CBS + Mt Rushmore Of Precrime

Fri, 19 Aug 2022
The Big Ten is back and has taken the CBS theme song with the new TV deal (00:02:40-00:05:42). 11 year old kid runs on the field during a White Sox Game and Shohei Ohtani is fulfilling the best Baseball Tweet (00:09:11-00:14:21) . Patrick Reed sues Brandlee Chamblis in an all time lawsuit ( 00:16:46-00:24:56). Mt Rushmore of Precrime (00:24:56-00:55:28). Washington Commanders WR Terry McLaurin joins the show to talk about his new contract, being turned down by Urban Meyer, and tons more (00:55:28-01:22:40). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:22:40-01:32:40:28).

Ryen Russillo In Studio, Hard Knocks Episode 2 Plus Mt Rushmore Of Everyday Activities That Should Be Olympic Sports

Wed, 17 Aug 2022
Hard Knocks episode 2 is out and it’s Detroit vs Everybody. We recap the episode and the breakout star Mr Universe John Brown (00:02:21-00:14:35). PFT is back on the DL(00:14:35-00:23:46). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Fernando Tatis Senior and NFL Blitz being back, kind of (00:23:46-00:55:56). Ryen Russillo joins us in studio and we catch up with him after his worldly traveling. Talk Football, NBA and tons more (00:55:56-01:46:55) then wrap up with Mt Rushmore of Everyday activities that should be Olympic sports(01:46:55-02:33:12).

Packers ST Coordinator Rich Bisaccia, Will Zalatoris Wins A Tournament + Mt Rushmore Of Bad Idea

Mon, 15 Aug 2022
Willy Z finally won the big one (bonus time travel of the last hole during Mt Rushmore) (00:02:19-00:03:53). Football is back and we talk some preseason + Fernando Tatis suspended for 80 games (00:03:53-00:20:33). Who’s back of the week including Kentucky Basketball school debate (00:20:33-00:38:58) . Packers Special Teams Coordinator Rich Bisaccia joins the show to talk about being a foxhole guy, the 2021 Raiders, being an interim and why players love him (00:38:58-01:09:05). We finish with a chaotic Mt Rushmore of Bad Ideas + live reaction to Will Zalatoris and Billy showing up late (01:09:08-01:33:48)

Broncos HC Nathaniel Hackett, Grit Week Recap And Denver Airport Review + Mt Rushmore Of Candy

Fri, 12 Aug 2022
The boys climbed Everest (equivalent) (00:03:09-00:04:28). Grit week has to come an end and we recap an awesome week in Colorado (00:04:28-00:11:11). Fyre Fest of the week (00:11:11-00:25:13). Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett joins the show to talk about his incredible path to Denver, Blake Bortles, the key to offense and his love of Star Wars (00:25:13-00:54:30). Denver Airport review (00:55:45-01:16:53) and we finish with Mt Rushmore of Candy (01:16:53-01:32:04)

Jake Plummer Live From His Mushroom Farm, Hard Knocks, Grit Week Midweek Recap + Mt Rushmore Of Universally Loved Things

Wed, 10 Aug 2022
Hard Knocks is back and Dan Campbell is the absolute best. We recap Hard Knocks and talk about Grit Week 3 days in (00;02;55-00;18;42). Kevin Durant wants everyone fired and Roquan Smith notes app’d the Bears (00;18;42-00;29;16) . Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Beth Mowins game being done and Colin Cowherd still pretending to not know who we are (00;29;16-00;52;41). Jake Plummer joins the show live from his mushroom farm and we talk about his career in the NFL, being 100 seconds away from a national title at ASU, Pat Tillman and his mushroom farm and growing business (00;52;41-01;48;14). We finish with Mt Rushmore of universally loved things (01;48;14-02;11;08)

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