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Are You Seasonally Savvy?

Thu, 07 Oct 2021

Now that fall is here, it’s time to start thinking about what’s best for the birds and what you can do to see more of them in your backyard. In this episode, John and Brian explain what it means to be seasonally savvy. They also discuss what to look for in your yard during this time of year and what bird behaviors you can expect to see.  

Talking Birds with the BirdTalk Guys

Thu, 23 Sep 2021

How can conservation bring you more joy and solace? We have two very special guests, Scott and David Menough to help explain just that. Scott and David host the Denver based radio show, BirdTalk. They are joining forces with John and Brian in this episode to talk about Western birds, how to be seasonally savvy, and share stories from their radio show.

Squirrels: Flee or Fight!

Thu, 09 Sep 2021

Squirrels - You either love them or loathe them. If you have trees around, chances are you have squirrels too. In this episode, John and Brian are taking a different look at our furry friends. Whether you deter them or feed them, we all have opinions on the infamous backyard critters. Let’s pay homage to these entertaining and worthy opponents.  

Gardening for Birds

Thu, 26 Aug 2021

It’s a lot easier than you think to turn your yard into a wildlife habitat. In this episode, John and Brian are joined by a special guest, Natasha Barlow from Birds Canada. They discuss the new Gardening for Birds program that provides you with all the resources you'll need to transform your outdoor space. This episode is full of universal information on how you can bring more birds to your yard, regardless of where you live. 

The Wonders of H2-OH!

Thu, 12 Aug 2021

It’s a wonderful thing for birds to have water, both in the summer and winter. In this episode, John and Brian are sharing some fun facts that you won’t hear anywhere else when it comes to birds and water. For example, did you know that birds and dogs deal with water in the same way? Plus, offering a dependable source of water is probably the simplest step you can take to greatly increase the variety of birds in your yard. With the summer heat in full swing, now is the time to add a bird bath to your yard!   

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