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Ep. #287: Leaving Christianity & Navigating Religious Families as Queer People with Jeanna Kadlec

Tue, 23 May 2023

Jeanna Kadlec (she/her) is a writer, astrologer, former lingerie boutique owner, and recovering academic. Her writing has appeared in ELLE, NYLON, O the Oprah Magazine, Allure, Catapult, Literary Hub, Autostraddle, and she's the creator of the New York Times-featured newsletter Astrology for Writers. A born and bred Midwesterner, she now lives in Brooklyn. HERETIC is her first book.

In this episode, Eryn and Jeanna talk about:

  • Jeanna’s journey with Christianity & deconstruction
  • Grieving the loss of religion
  • Not just replacing christianity with cut/copy/paste spirituality but actually figuring out what we believe
  • Navigating having conservative, evangelical families
  • Believing in people’s capacity to change
  • Having hard conversations with family
  • The particular loneliness of strained and estranged relationships with parents
  • Reparenting ourselves

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Connect with Jeanna on her website, social media. Read her book, Heretic, and check out her substack Astrology for Writers.

Ep. #286: Whole-Body Healing: Nervous System, Gut Microbiome, Self-Love and More with Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner Victoria Albina

Mon, 01 May 2023

Victoria Albina (she/her/ella) a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, an herbalist, and a nervous system expert. 

In this episode, Eryn and Victoria discuss:

  • Her journey with health and healing
  • How the stories we tell about ourselves and the world impact our somatic experience of life
  • Vagus nerve and polyvagal theory!
  • Different nervous system states
  • Perceiving threat
  • Finding safety in the nervous system slowly and steadily
  • Allowing your body to complete the energy of what it wanted to do in a challenging moment 
  • Hypervigilance after trauma
  • Self-love
  • The fawn response, codependence, and people pleasing
  • Attachment theory
  • All of this existing in context of oppressive systems

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Tune into Victoria's Feminist Wellness podcast and connect with her on Instagram @victoriaalbinawellness.

Ep. #285: Rituals for Creative Writing + Unearthing our Deepest Stories with Laura Ellen Joyce

Mon, 10 Apr 2023

Laura (she/they) is a writer, editor, and book coach who works with intuitive and magical writers who want to unearth their own writing stories and create a sustainable writing practice.

In this episode, Eryn and Laura talk about:

  • Laura’s journey with creativity, writing, magic, and spirituality
  • Using frameworks and support for our writing (and not)
  • Pinning down key emotional moments and using them as a basis for fiction writing
  • Unearthing and softly excavating our deepest stories
  • Collaborating with the parts of you the story is coming from
  • Figuring out the story you’re trying to tell
  • Being open to the nonlinear creative writing process
  • Rituals Laura uses in their writing process
  • Different stages of the creative process where feedback may be more or less helpful
  • Experiential learning through the writing process
  • The inner work that goes along with writing
  • Identifying learned myths in creativity
  • Writing the true book that you’re meant to write
  • Creating a sustainable writing practice

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Connect with Eryn on their substack, Joy Notes. Explore the Religious Trauma Support workbook.

Connect with Laura on their website and their new Substack!

Ep. #284: Using the Tarot to Have Conversations with Your Creativity with Chelsey Pippin Mizzi of Pip Cards Tarot

Mon, 06 Mar 2023

Chelsey Pippin Mizzi (she/her) is a writer, tarot reader, and the founder of Pip Cards Tarot, a tarot consultancy helping creatives unblock, generate new ideas, and connect to their inner artist through tarot. In this episode, Eryn and Chelsey talk about:

  • Chelsey’s journey with creativity, writing, and tarot
  • Images in the process of writing
  • Using your tarot deck to have conversations with your creativity
  • Using tarot to write better stories and better-developed characters
  • Doing tarot spreads for your characters
  • Holding the cards loosely!
  • Lessons from Chelsey’s book-writing process

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Connect with Chelsey on Instagram, her website, or her Substack, The French Dispatch.

Mentioned in this episode:

Ep. #283: Building an Embodied Relationship with Plants with Clinical Energetic Herbalist Gina Badger

Tue, 21 Feb 2023

Gina Badger (they/she) is a clinical energetic herbalist. They offer care through their private practice, Long Spell, and collaborative projects such as Wet Coast mutual aid kits. Gina is a queer nonbinary femme of mixed Western European ancestry born in Treaty 6 territory and currently living on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations (Vancouver, Canada).

In this episode, Eryn and Gina talk about:

  • Gina’s journey with plants!
  • Building an embodied relationship with plants
  • Personal healing-oriented plant communication
  • Looking to the plants as teachers
  • Orienting toward plant relationship
  • Ways to give plants attention
  • What relationship with plants looks like for them in the winter

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Footnotes from Gina:

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