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Mon, 27 Feb 2023
Officer dumps child body :: Three teens shot in St. Paul after funeral reception :: Florida teachers raise concerns about new civics training, say it downplays slavery :: Men who drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi have higher testosterone :: W.H.O. attempting to enact global Infodemic policies :: Cops paid to online game :: Sarah in NM thinks Ian should go to prison because he bashed red light cameras :: 2023-02-26  Captain Kickass, Rich E Rich, Peakless Mountaineer

Beard Talk Live - 2023-02-25

Sun, 26 Feb 2023
Episode 28


Sun, 26 Feb 2023
Secession and National Divorce :: Fear of Violence :: NH Housing Market :: Vote with your Feet :: Defense :: Laura Ingraham's Insane Views on Secession :: Power-Seeking :: HIV Cured? :: 2023-02-25 Ian, Captain Kickass, Peakless Mountaineer


Sat, 25 Feb 2023
70 NH State Reps Vote to End Entire War on Drugs :: East Palestine Rail Disaster :: Tough Questions for IRS :: National Divorce :: Education :: Forcing Viewpoints :: Cocaine Bear :: TJ the Spy Changes Name :: National Debt and Secession :: 2023-02-24 Ian, Chris W, Nobody


Fri, 24 Feb 2023
National Divorce in the News :: State vs Commonwealth :: The Amish :: Roll Call Votes :: No SSN :: Marjorie Taylor Greene :: Illegal School Crypto Mining :: Crypto Six Case :: Fear and Confidence :: Invest in Posterity :: 2023-02-23 Ian, Matt, Jay

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