Food, But We Digress...Food

Food, But We Digress...

Food, But We Digress...

KITCHEN UNITASKERS MUST GO ! (except the Banana-Slicer®)

Wed, 02 Jun 2021

Kitchen Uni-taskers are a controversial subject. Do we really need gadgets ? IS a rice cooker a gadget ? How often doo you have to use a uni tasker to accept it in your kitchen ?

That Moment When You Start Making Ingredients Instead of Cooking Recipes

Wed, 26 May 2021

In every passionate cook's journey, there's a tilting point where you actually start making the ingredients you need to cook recipes. That's an important one cause there's no going back. Could You Make EVERYTHING You Eat ? Each One Shall Teach One Yeah.

Should Just Picky Eaters Grow Up ?

Tue, 04 May 2021

We all have a personal Food Nemesis : Oysters, Asparagus, Chicory, Guts, Brains, Balls, Black chocolate... We are all picky eaters to a certain degree. Where does it come from ? Why are we picky eaters in the first place. ?Alex and Josh share memories, stories and experiences and try to find out why.

Rice. (nuff' said)

Tue, 27 Apr 2021

Rice is so underrated. Rice memories. Rice recipes. It can take so many different forms. Medium grain, Long grain, Short grain, separate grains, sticky grains, jasmine rice, japonica rice, basmati rice. Alex and Joh genuinely love RICE, and yet they both had good and terrible experiences in the past with it.

Should We Actually Dip Fried Food in Sauce ?

Tue, 20 Apr 2021

Fried food becomes soggy when you dip it, unless off course you ....

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