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3 Solutions to Help Navigate Loneliness

Wed, 20 Oct 2021

Did you know that Loneliness is as harmful to our body as heart disease?

Research is providing a gloomy insight into what loneliness does to our health, and it is dangerous!

We share some scary statistics that include the recent rise in loneliness, greater risk of dying early, and just how many people report feeling lonely...the numbers will shock you!

Be proactive in taking steps to combat loneliness and apply these 3 tips we offer you.

Host: Rebecca Hintze
Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho

Creating Systems to Shape Your Life

Wed, 13 Oct 2021

Did you know that it is just as important, if not more, to have a system in place rather than just a goal to help you succeed?


Goals take us into the future to what we don’t already have. A system identifies the problems we currently face and can be developed as a way to help us get stuff done. Create systems that work to help achieve your goals.


We are as successful as our systems.


Host: Rebecca Hintze

Guest Speaker: Callie Steuer

3 Tips for Creating Happiness in the Home

Wed, 06 Oct 2021

We all want to be happy and find happiness within our own family units.

A Harvard study found that our happiness is contingent on social relationships, particularly the quality of familial relationships.

When we are in chaos and crisis in relationships, it is harmful to our brain function and physical health.

In this episode you will take away three simple ways to become happier in your relationships.

Host: Rebecca Hintze
Guest Speaker: Shane Hintze

Advice From A Former Refugee - Part 2

Wed, 29 Sep 2021

In a previous episode, Sharon shared her story of being displaced from Vietnam when she was a child and living in refugee camps. In this episode we share part 2 of the story and the lessons learned.

Whether you are a refugee or have just been displaced in life and have experienced trauma, the thoughts Rebecca and Sharon share in this episode are helpful in learning how to cope and overcome.

Host: Rebecca Hintze
Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho

Navigating the Influx of Negative Media in our World

Wed, 22 Sep 2021

Let’s talk about the ‘adrenaline rush’ we get from all forms of media and how to navigate the negativity.

There is a human instinct to know what’s going on in our environment and strategize what we need to do to keep us safe and well.

If you are a person who has become addicted to the news and are being affected by the negativity of the information coming at you such as; world wars, natural disasters, politics, pandemics, etc…. then this episode is for you.

Host: Rebecca Hintze
Guest Speaker: Sharon Ho

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