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Chris "The Shirt" Elliott was brought up in SE London on a diet of Reggae,Soul and Jim Reeves (blame his Jamaican dad for that one). He started playing on internet radio a few years back on the original Sunrisefm and since then his stations have included the now defunct Vinyl Morpher Radio, Platinum Grooves Radio of which he was part owner, He has been known to hit the floors on various dance floors at Soul Nights and of course the infamous Caister Soul Weekenders but as his got older its more of a crawl rather than a spring. Shirtys dress sense (loud shirts) and choice of football teams (Millwall) have had people questioning his sanity, but his choonz are good so we let him in lol. ook out for my Reggae Vybe Show which will consist of Big People Music every Wednesday 4pm-6pm(uk) on ''IF YOU KNOW,YOU KNOW'' and my CTS Experience Show every Monday 10am-12pm(uk)on which consists of a variety of music genres. Also don't forget the Chilled Zone Show every Sunday 7am-9am(uk) on and syndicated around the world. Any requests or dedications ect just get in touch you can do the following....

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