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Dishing Up Nutrition

Chronic Pain

Mon, 18 Oct 2021

Tune in as two nutritionists discuss ways to deal with chronic pain.

Develop a Strong Immune

Mon, 11 Oct 2021

Our dietitians today will focus the discussion on how nutrition helps to develop a strong immune function. We have had many shows about the immune system, but we decided to take this show in a different direction with a little more science than some of our other shows and podcasts. Today we want to share some of the research findings about how you can support your immune system, particularly now during this seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic. The flu and cold season is almost upon us, so we will share and recommend some valuable action steps you may want to start using now to begin strengthening your immune system.

Digestion Problems

Mon, 27 Sep 2021

Listen in as two nutritionist talk about digestions issues and how to treat them.

Relief for Menopause Symptoms

Mon, 20 Sep 2021

There are over 6,000 women in the U.S. who go into menopause each and every day, which means about 27 million women are menopausal. Many of the women we are seeing in clinic lately have menopause symptoms starting as early as age 35 and lasting into their late 60’s or early 70’s. Chances are you or someone you love has, is, or will go through menopause and we are on a mission to educate women (and those who love them), starting today. Finding a hormonal solution takes a well-thought-out nutrition, lifestyle education, and support plan, so the topic of this show is all about natural ways to get relief from menopause symptoms.

Acne In Adults & Teens

Mon, 13 Sep 2021

80% of Americans have acne at some point in their lives. It is the most common skin condition in the U.S. with 50 to 60 million Americans having a problem with acne. Is having acne a serious health problem? Perhaps not, but it can lead to a serious health problem and can be a source of stress for those who struggle with it. As dietitians, we want to look at the foods that can cause acne for many people, tips to help promote healthy skin, and key supplements to support you from the inside out.

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